Whether you are getting married in your backyard, in a church, or at a special destination, such a significant day deserves to be captured.

Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make on your wedding journey. When that special day comes to a close, your wedding photos will become one of your most prized possessions. Selecting a photographer whose style you love will ensure that you can cherish those photos for a long time to come.


2018 Wedding Collections begin at $1,800 and include two photographers for your special day, as well as a complimentary engagement session.



Weddings aren't the only special events in our lives, and certainly aren't the only ones worth capturing.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, raising funds for a special cause, or hosting an event for your business, consider a photographer to document all of the time and effort invested in creating the perfect day.

Hiring an event photographer also allows you to capture and relieve the emotions of the event, without having to sacrifice time spent with your guests.


Because the scope and duration of each event varies, please contact us for an individualized quote for your next occasion.



With more than seven years of marketing education (and an MBA), Jen understands the importance of branding.

Whether you are developing your personal brand, or a brand for your business, photos are important - and not just any photos, photos that are as fun, vibrant, and interesting as you are.

Consider hiring a professional to help tell your story. The story of graduating from college. The story of starting your own business. The story of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.


Portrait sessions are available beginning at $120 per person. Group rates are also available.