Meet Purpose Box

I actually wonder how many times I've written "I love mail" on my blog or social media. And while I do love all mail, I especially love packages.

Over time, I've tried a handful of subscription boxes. Some I've continued with - I'm still photographing and loving Caring Crate each month - while others I've dropped (mostly because, I have enough makeup, thank you.)

Last month, I got the chance to try out a new-to-me box, Purpose Box.

According to Jolie, the founder of Purpose Box, "Purpose Box is a quarterly mail subscription box filled with purchase with purpose items. Each shipment's contents are hand-selected and purchased for inclusion in the box. All of the items in the box have their own story, their own purpose."

And the proceeds from each box? They're donated to that purpose. Cool, right?

While the colors are perhaps better for fall, my favorite thing in the box I received was the Liz Alig scarf. I loved the mix of fabrics and that it was ethically produced.

I won't lie, I'm the worst at buying affordable accessories without thinking much about where they came from or how they were made - a habit I'm hoping to break.

I'm also a sucker for snacks in my subscription boxes. Sometimes, I even photograph them faster just to get to the snacks.

When I started researching the AIP diet, I came across many mentions of plaintain chips. In my head, they were sweet like banana chips and I couldn't understand the uses I was reading about - no thanks, I don't like guac and bananas together.

Turns out, they're totally savory.

This box also featured a Seoul Mamas face mask, a candle from Eleventh Candle Co, and a print from Raw City Paper. Plus, the cutest little elephant sticker which I passed on to an elephant loving friend.

I'm already in for the June box (supporting an adoption!) but there's still time to order - with free shipping - if getting mail and supporting great causes is something you're in to.

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